Masaki Nakamura 
shakuhachi player / composer

Born in Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture. Uwajima Ambassador.
Shakuhachi Sound -JIN-/HANABI/SAKURAmen/Zangetsu/REN

At the age of 17, he encountered the shakuhachi and was fascinated by its charms, and went on to study shakuhachi at the Department of Traditional Japanese Music, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts.
He won various competitions, including the 6th Shakuhachi Newcomer's Championship and the 3rd Tokyo Traditional Music Competition.

He has performed over 100 times at Kasuga Taisha Shrine and other temples and shrines, and over 20 times in overseas tours.
He has released 10 albums and participated in more than 30 albums.

In 2017, he made his major debut as Tsubasa Sakiyama with Sakura Men with "Gekkaya" from avex, and released Sakura Men's first album "Hana no Dai Enbu Kai" from avex in May 2020.
His style, which makes use of the shakuhachi's original sound and freely moves between various genres, has attracted many fans.

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( pray for)

Masaki Nakamura 1st Album

Kaze ni notte
(on the wind)

REN 2nd Album

Hana no Daienbukai

Sakura men 1st Album


HANABI Gible cover Album

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