Fan Club

No admission or annual fee

●Mail member Annual membership fee: Free
● Privileges
1.Information on live concerts
2.Information on the Fan Club members-only page where you can view off-shots and exclusive videos.
3. Periodic delivery of fan club-only messages via mail magazine.

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Various CDs, including autographed albums, are
available at the official Nakamura Hitoki store.

 Masaki Nakamura Offiicial Shop → 



In response to requests from fans, we have launched "fansfer", a service that allows you to send fan letters and gifts.
You can use this service with your Twitter or Google account.

Masaki Nakamura fansfer page→ 

[How to use]
①Click "Send" on the Masaki Nakamura page to decide the delivery method.
② In case of a letter, a delivery kit will be sent to you.
③ Package your fan letter and post it to your local post office.In case of a gift, please pack it by yourself.
④We will deliver your fan letter to the designated address.

[Items that cannot be sent]
・Cash, checks, bills, stock certificates and other securities.
・Credit cards, cash cards, and other cards.
・Poisonous or deleterious substances.
・Pets such as dogs, cats, birds, etc.
・Perishable food.
・Chilled or frozen packages.
・Dangerous knives, etc.
・Ignitable, flammable, volatile items or explosives.
・Inflammable, inflammable, or volatile articles or explosives.
・Perfumes ・Luggage whose total of the three dimensions exceeds 170cm.
・Used or opened items.
・Amulets, talismans, and religious objects.
・Letters with offensive contents.

No more than that, please.For more information, please click here.